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Today we celebrate Stephen the Confessor, and Abbot of Triglia. He lived during the reign of king Leo the Armenian in 815. St. Stephen from a young boy loved God, and thirsted for Piety. Living our a ascetic way of life.

king Leo was a iconoclast was someone or a group who felt that veneration of icons or statues was idolatry. They were know to burn and destroy Icons, and other images of our Lord and the Saints. They also were know for their persecution of Pious Christians who possessed icons, and those who Venerated them.

One day St. Stephen was Called to an audience with the impious Leo the iconoclast. King Leo made great attempts to get Stephen to deny the veneration of the holy icons and to turn his back on his Orthodox faith.

St. Stephen would not falter. Full of the Holy Spirit he renounced king Leo and the other iconoclasts. Calling them impious. Full of rage king Leo severely punished Stephen. Exiled him to spend the rest of his life in prison.


We give you thanks, O Lord of glory, for the example of your servant Stephen, who through his Piety and devotion to monastic rule led many souls to heaven. Strengthen us so like your servant Stephen we can stand against the heresy of our day. So on that day we can stand with Saint Stephen and the others saints in the glory of your Son Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen


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