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1219860-bigthumbnailSo it’s cold out.  Winter weather in the forecast.  I cannot say I am sad about it.  In fact I am very excited.  I hope that it turns out to be snow and not ice.  I look forward to watching the wet weather come in tomorrow afternoon.

Today my inlaws arrived for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Smack in the middle of Nativity fast.  We are flexible with fasting.  Planing of being strict about fasting on Fridays until they leave.  Looking forward to the all the fun times going to be had the next few weeks.

So for sometime I have been trying to make knotted chotkis.  I have had no luck with making these knots.  No such luck yet.  If I have any downtime the next few days I will spend some time trying to make a 33 knot chotki.  So wish me luck!

So everyone have a great Thanksgiving!


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